My Personal Story

For a long time, I dealt with an anxiety-induced existential crisis - I questioned the meaning of everything; why I’m here, why things happen, what is the point of anything. Because I was trying to find the answer, I embarked upon a travel journey that would last over four years, through 4 continents and 20+ countries.

Up until today, I can honestly say that I still don’t know the answer. (You can stop reading here if you are hoping for an actual answer.)

Refusing external help, I went alone and found jobs abroad that would support me through new cultures and new ways of thinking, so that I would start questioning who I truly was, and the values that mattered to me. The crazy part about other cultures, they weren’t failing or miserable either despite our “free” thinking. Consequently, I started refining my values and experimenting ways to expand my mind - and usually that is through a lot of uncomfortable moments, crying or laughing uncontrollably, and painful slap-in-the face truths.

But what I know is this: whatever path, whatever pain, whatever suffering you may be going through, you are not the only one. The question should really then be changed from, “How do I stop myself from experiencing pain?” to “What is the meaning behind my pain, what is my why?” No one can answer that question for you, except you. And that starts by beginning to listen to your Higher Self, the voice, intuition, whatever you want to call it.

Even though I'm still trying to figure this life out (who isn't, really?), I know that I value independence, compassion, and creativity. I like solving problems, and I like to bring people to a level of consciousness that they can solve their own problems. I am not a "self help guru" and although I can be a really good listener, you are ultimately responsible for your own life choices.

Anyways, Tushies meditation cushions came out of this journey of discovering my truth. What is your truth that you are meant to live? Sit for awhile, your heart will tell you.

~Anne Chatpra